Version 1.23 Released

The new things are :

  • The framework was heavily rewritten within the new Paradigm Semantic, which essentially means less checks in the Shipping builds. Maximizing performance once again.
  • The Operatings-based lambda arguments are now directly addressed within Chunks with minimal runtime checks. Performance optimization once again.
  • You now can spawn Concurrent Operatings which are not waited for completion after a call to OperateConcurrently, the last argument is essentially set to bSync = false for that purpose. This way you can create all sorts of parallel pipelines. Use WaitForOperatingsCompletion on the Chain or Mechanism to sync manually.
  • Apparatus is now officially thread-isolated and safe on a Mechanism basis. You can Operate different Mechanisms on different threads without any collisions.
  • Trait Records are now far more versatile and handy Editor-wise, basically the same as instanced objects.
  • Other API innovations and improvements to make it better for the upcoming Deterministic workflow.
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1.23.1 Hotfix Online.

  • Filled the missed API for obtaining the Trait references with a default Paradigm.
  • Corrected the return type of the Trait obtainment method.