Point rendering suggestions?

I am porting an older game I have been working on from a custom engine to Unreal. I have a spiral galaxy map in 3D. In the good old days I used GL_POINT to plot the stars. I have the following requirements:

  • support large world coordinates

  • display 3D points in different colors ( i use this for different spectral types)

  • detect mouse-over so that I can display data on the star system under the cursor

I have read the I can programmatically place Niagara particles. Can I set the color? Detect mouseover? I would appreciate any suggestions.

I am using blueprints and C++.

Strangely missed your inquiry, so, I’m really sorry to get back to you that late.

Hah, I used GL_POINTS as well in some distant past. Memories-memories, some smaller first steps. =)

Anyways, feel free to ask on those matters again. A solution is always there. :wink:

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