Negative Marketplace Reviews

So, I’ve decided to save and put out all the negative reviews (along with my answers) that we get on Marketplace relative our product. This is mainly for historical reasons as sometimes those get removed and I still want to memorize all of the critique and how it was apparently resolved.

So …
This was not me, but i can tell:
I am now a Senior Programmer in Unreal Engine, who has learned Unity before he was a Junior Programmer, so i am coming from a C# background, having learned C++ the Unreal Engine way, which is guided mostly throughout the internet.
I already worked with earlier versions of Unity ECS and that is, why i bought this, too, but …
In here there is about nothing self explanatory for me.
I now really tried to understand it for about 10 times, and i don’t.
I can barely move one entity but do break on almost everything i want to do else.
Your examples aren’t self explanatory to me and there is no explanation at all anywhere.
I can read the C++ code, but it is looking that damn unused to me, that i can’t tell how it really makes what i see, nor i can tell how i would now write my own things.
The same for the documentation.
It could help me move a sphere, and reuse your sample projects from github and that’s it.
I really would love to see some examples or somebody telling me on how to solve the rendering with that singleton.
Why is Projectile Renderer working different than PlayerRenderer ?
I don’t know. I just can see, the EnemyRenderer is not updated automatically, but how that all plays now together, i don’t know.
Yes i can read the C++ code, but i can not understand, why it is like this and really:
I would love to…
For now i was just trying to set up a simple solar system with clouds and atmosphere for the earth.
doesn’t look to difficult ? For me it is with this…

Just to put some fairness back in here, too:
Learning Unity ECS felt the same in the beginning.
I really would love to learn this here do my stuff.