Improve collision in Apparatists

We already have apparatists that is utility kit for Apparatus that implement simple collision with BubbleCage logic.

The problem is it is too simple and does not allow to use some needed features like:

  1. Physics of gravitation;
  2. Other types of collision shapes (like boxes or capsules);
  3. Hit or overlap events;
  4. Different layers of objects collision, so some objects will not collide if they are in one particular layer.

We really need to implement those, so here are some support links with projects or code samples (or engines) that we can use for solving the tasks above:

  1. Bullet physics SDK and the tutorial of how to use it.
  2. Header-only fixed-point math library.
  3. Edyn - real-time physics engine organized as an ECS using the EnTT library.
  4. ECS-Based Projectile and Ballistics Simulation for UE4 based on FLECS.
  5. RuntimeMeshComponent - replacement to the ProceduralMeshComponent.
  6. Header-only library for building KD-Trees.
  7. Data structures for collision detection:

Please, if you want to contribute to the official utility kit and get the cookie from Turbanov team, place here your advices of how to solve current tasks or improve our solutions. Also, paste other useable link in comments below :point_down:, so we can see the full view of current available solutions. And the last but not least: come to our github and create a pull request if you have done one of the tasks!

We can also use this Light Weight Instances for UE5.
More details are explained here: Light Weight Instances UE5 | Community tutorial